Wood Songs

by Tansy

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Saito Rodfreui
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Saito Rodfreui I really really really enjoy this album. Marie is a wonderful song.

If you like ambient, you will LOVE this album. Favorite track: Marie.
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This is the debut EP from artist astre (NOW KNOWN AS TANSY) All songs were written between 2012-13, and recorded winter of 2014 at Kathryn's family cabin in the Manitoban Interlake.


released July 7, 2014

Produced, recorded & mastered by Kathryn Kerr
Cover art by Kathryn Kerr



all rights reserved


Tansy Winnipeg, Manitoba

TANSY is the solo project of Kathryn Kerr, based out of winnipeg, mb, canada. Tansy celebrates all things noisy and beautiful, weaving haunting melodies through minimalist structures.


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Track Name: Marie
The sun still rose
the day after she died
the streets still moved
and history proves
no one's safe alive

The fields grew wild
watched them burn
crimson licked the skies
a flashing hate
for broken plates

And they all took charge
and they all drew swords

And they all took off her head

A brocade dress made a mess
of strawberries and cream
we all want sweet and we all want silk
and we all want what she dreamed

And the bread was dry
and the cake was high

And we all took off her head
Track Name: Baby Doll
I'm only happy when I'm sad
I am a masochist, at best a perfectionist
what does it feel like to be satisfied

And I never meant to start a fire
but my hand's been full of matches my whole life

I don't think of us
I am a stranger
so get out, my baby doll
while you still can
'cuz I'm no good

Outside it's cold
they said let's take a cab, and I said no
I wanna feel the sting on my face
and the sting on my nose
what does it feel like to be satisfied

I don't think of us
I am a stranger
so get out, my baby doll
while you still can
'cuz I'm no good
Track Name: Searching
There's a lot of things I must do in my life
there's never gonna be an end
there's a lot of things I must find in my life
and you, you're one of them

But I'm not searching 'til i'm wise
And I'm not searching 'til I'm old

And I'll keep running 'round the country
I'll keep driving to the coast
I'll take the train to new found lands
I'll stay away until I know

But I'm not searching 'til I'm wise
And I'm not searching 'til I'm old
Track Name: Creek
Oh take me
back towards the river's stream
our hair was in our eyes
and our jeans torn at the knees

Those nights were filled with stars
anticipating something much too far away
it came and went
even after all we'd spent

Now too long, it has been
too long since life seemed bleak
there's no one now
there's no one at the Creek

Our lives are funny things
nostalgic little fragments looped around our everything
no I won't give in
except for maybe when I drink

I remember feeling strong
I remember telling secrets on the backyard lawn
and we prayed to not grow up
but it was to a god in which we didn't believe

There's no one now
swimming to the dock or reading books out loud
we've all got our homes
we've all grown up proud

So don't blame me
blame it on the winters or the summer breeze
you can forget but not me
that there's no one at
no one at the Creek